Sustainability Collaborative

The Town of Mamaroneck is committed to sustainability - living within our means to protect the Town for the future and lower current costs. Throughout the past few years the Town has been pursuing projects which aim to improve the quality of life within the Town, create a more resilient community, and become more sustainable. Sustainability and resilience are important for our community to protect the natural environment, reduce flooding, reduce energy use and save money, reduce our carbon footprint, reduce noise, calm traffic, improve opportunities for walking and bicycle riding, and to improve water quality. Enhancing our resilience will improve our ability to bounce back quicker and stronger from extreme weather events. Our Sustainability Resources below provide a snap shot of many of the issues the Town has been working on related to sustainability, resiliency, and quality of life.

The Sustainability Collaborative is a volunteer committee created to advise the Town on environmental issues. To date, the Sustainability Collaborative has played a large role in the energy performance contract project which upgraded and improved energy efficiency in the Ice Rink, Town Center, Fire Headquarters, and Town streetlights. The Sustainability Collaborative has also assisted in running sustainability workshops, informing the public about solid waste at our summer concerts, and is currently drafting a "Plan for a Resilient and Sustainable Mamaroneck." The noise, solid waste and solar subcommittees are becoming active. If you are interested in participating on the Sustainability Collaborative or one of its subcommittees please contact the Town Supervisor.

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If you would like to volunteer or be involved with any of our initiatives related to the environment please email the Town Supervisor or the Sustainability Coordinator.

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