Emergency Management Committee

Under the direction of the Town Administrator/Emergency Manager, the Town of Mamaroneck Emergency Management Committee is charged with the development and maintenance of the Town's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. This is an all-hazards emergency plan which describes the legal authority for such a plan, and each department's roles and responsibilities before, during and after an emergency. The plan has been improved through lessons learned from drills as well as actual emergencies.

The Town is also developing a Hazard Mitigation Plan which seeks to lessen the impact of a disaster by carefully examining known hazards, and analyzing potential hazards. This plan is being developed by the Hazard Mitigation Committee which is comprised members of the Emergency Management Committee as well as town residents and business owners.

Helpful Resources

Hurricane Season

The first week of May marked the beginning of Hurricane Preparedness Week! The official start to Hurricane Season is June 1. Now is the perfect time to review and discuss what you can do to be prepared.

The Town of Mamaroneck has worked hard to keep you safe during storms and in safely cleaning up, but what can homeowners do before storms? To keep you and your loved ones safe, homeowners should  review the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) information for future hurricanes.

Safety during a hurricane is everyone’s priority. Identifying hazards of a hurricane can assist homeowners in protecting both your family and property. Review the NOAA’s website to learn about hurricane safety.

Knowing about what to do when there are other types of storms is also important to keep in mind. See how homeowners should handle different types of storms, how to make a preparedness plan, and how to build an emergency kit.