Property Tax Schedule

The Town of Mamaroneck Receiver of Taxes is responsible for collecting the following property taxes: Town and County taxes are collected in April. The County portion of taxes collected are remitted by the Town to the County in full (60% by May 25 and 40% by October 15). School taxes (Mamaroneck and Scarsdale School District) are collected by the Town and remitted in full to the school districts periodically as collected. Residents of the Village of Larchmont or the Village of Mamaroneck should contact Village tax officials for tax information. To determine where a specific address is officially located, view our Helpful FAQ on this subject.

School Taxes

  • September 1 - First half due
  • September 30 - Last day to pay first half of school tax without penalty
  • January 1 - Second half due
  • January 31 - Last day to pay second half of school tax without penalty

Town & County Taxes

  • April 1 - Full amount due
  • April 30 - Last day to pay full amount without penalty

Returned Check Fee

The returned check fee is $20 (money order or cash will be required).