A building permit is required for any construction, alteration, or addition work. A building permit may also be required for repair work, depending on the nature of the repair.

Requirements For Filing a Building Permit

  • A completed Building Permit Application, which will include the names, address, email and telephone numbers of the owner and/or applicant and all contractors.
  • Architectural plans, signed and sealed by a N.Y.S. licensed Architect or Professional Engineer.  in the following formats:
    • One complete set to scale
    • One complete 11" by 17" set
    • Note: For central air conditioning, generators, fences and similar applications 2 copies of specs may be submitted in place of architectural plans. 
    • Central air conditioning applications must have load calculations and a floor plan indicating the location of the air handler or wall unit and duct work. 
  • One copy of property survey showing all existing conditions
  • Two copies of the site plan indicating all work proposed 
  • Contractor’s Certificate of Liability listing the Town of Mamaroneck as the Certificate Holder and Additional Insured
  • Disability insurance listing the Town of Mamaroneck as the Certificate Holder
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance: New York State Workmen's Compensation Certificate C105.2 or for Contractors with no employees: New York State Certificate of Attestation CE-200 or for Property owners (who will be performing all work): Waiver of Insurance (available at Building Department) signed and notarized.
  • Westchester County Home Improvement License
    • Notice to all contractors and permit applicants: ​Please be advised, under new state and municipal laws, the workers’ compensation and disability benefits insurance must be submitted on separate state approved forms. The standard "Accord Forms" are not acceptable proof of workers’ compensation coverage. Further information or questions may be answered by calling the N.Y.S. Bureau of Compliance at 518-486-6307 or by visiting their website or by contacting the insurance provider
  • A completed Tree Permit Application if trees are to be removed. to be filed with the Environmental Planner when the Building Permit Application is submitted.
  • Application for Surface Water, Erosion and Sediment Control to be filed with the Engineering Department when the Building Permit Application is submitted (applies if you are adding more than 100 sq. ft. of impervious surface).
  • A Street Opening Permit is required if the activity: 
    • Extends beyond your property line and into the Town's right-of-way
    • Uses heavy equipment (such as a backhoe) to cross over the Town's right-of-way
    • Bringing a dumpster onto the site
    • Any activity that may cause damage to the Town's right-of-way
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 Permit fees are fixed when the application is approved.

Note: Renewal fee: One twelfth the original permit fee multiplied by the number of months to be extended. A letter requesting the extension shall be submitted explaining the reason for the requested extension. 

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