Alarm User Permit

Pursuant to Chapter 50 of the Mamaroneck Town Code, owners of premises equipped with an alarm device are required to obtain an Alarm User Permit and pay an annual permit fee. 

The annual fees for 2023 are as follows:

Property Type/OwnerAnnual Fee
Property Type/OwnerAnnual Fee
Resident $40
Resident, 65 and older$25
Commercial Property$100

To apply please use our online Alarm User Permit application form. Once your application is received, and Town residency is verified, you will receive a confirmation email (within 2 business days) with a link to pay for your permit online.

Additionally, false alarm activations are charged when the Police Department responds, in each calendar year, as follows:

Number of False AlarmsCharge
FirstNo Charge
Third and Fourth$50 each
Fifth through Fifteenth$100 each
Sixteenth and up$250 each

Chapter 50 - Town Code for Alarm Permits