Records Management

Records Management Officer (RMO)

Each local government is required to maintain a records management program and shall have one officer who is designated as records management officer who will support a program for the orderly and efficient management of records. In the Town of Mamaroneck the Town Clerk is designated as the Records Management Officer. The RMO coordinates the development of and oversees the Records Management Program; including, but not limited to, the legal disposition and destruction of obsolete records; the identification and appropriate administration of records with enduring value for historical or other research.

Freedom of Information Officer

Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) protects citizens' right to access public documents and records of a government agency. The Town Clerk serves as the Freedom of Information Officer for the Town of Mamaroneck.

To request access to public documents and records, submit a completed Freedom of Information Request (PDF) to the Town Clerk's Office to apply for access and copies of public records.