Residential Parking Permits

**The Town of Mamaroneck Town Clerk’s office has a new Online Permitting System. You will be able to apply for Permits, Licenses, Parking Permits, Records and FOIL requests.

Your account information will be stored to save time when preparing future permit applications. 


Washington Square Area

The fastest way to obtain a WSA parking permit is using our online portal.

The WSA residential parking permit allows the permit holder to waive the 3 hour rule that is in effect Monday through Friday from 9am to 2pm. In other words, if you were to park your vehicle overnight, and did not have a WSA residential permit, you would need to move your vehicle by 11:59 am (as you would then be parked for 3 hours and need to move your vehicle). 

Additionally, there is overnight parking in the WSA area (on the WSA sections of N. Chatsworth Ave, Murray Ave, New Jefferson St, and Washington Sq.) and so the WSA residential parking permit is not utilized for overnight parking.

Please confirm you qualify for the Town of Mamaroneck Residential Parking Permit, by reviewing these Guidelines.   

  • Cost remains $25, regardless of when you purchase your permit
  • The quickest way to garner a permit is to apply online!  To apply online please go to our Parking Permit Portal 
  • To apply hard-copy, please download and complete the Washington Square Area Application/Worksheet (PDF)  If you would like to submit a hard-copy application to us in the office, and have us review your documents, please make an appointment with us by calling 914-381-7870. Note, we will NOT be able to permit you straight away, as your plates must be cleared by the Court, to ensure that you do not have too many outstanding parking tickets. This takes 24 to 48 hours and starts when we receive your complete application.
  • Please visit our Washington Square Area FAQ's (PDF) for more information.

Please visit the Washington Square Parking Local Law 4-2014 (PDF) to read the Law.
Please visit the Local Law 2-2015 (PDF) to read the amendment to the Washington Square Area Definition of Area Resident.
Please visit the Local Law 9-2020 (PDF) to read the amend to the Washington Square Area permit expiration date and eliminate the part year Permit. 


 Lester Place

Please note Guidelines

Please visit the Lester Place Residential Parking Local Law 2-2010 (PDF) to read the Law
Please visit the Local Law 4-2015 (PDF) to read amendment to Lester Place Residential Parking Law