Voucher Payment Standards and Market Rents

Fair Market Rents 

The Town of Mamaroneck PHA continues to use the HUD Small Area Fair Market Rent (SAFMR) information for Westchester County, which sets fair market rents by zip code.  Each year, HUD publishes the Fair Market Rents for all areas throughout the United States.  

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Voucher Payment Standards

The Voucher Payment Standard is determined by performing a Rent Reasonableness Determination of the rent requested by a landlord, taking into consideration each property's location, condition, age, quality, size, utilities paid by the tenant, and related factors.  A PHA must establish their Voucher Payment Standards, based on this determination, between 90% and 110% of the published Fair Market Rent.  The Town of Mamaroneck PHA uses 100% of the Small Area Fair Market Rent guidelines published annually for all of Westchester County as the Payment Standard.  The rent guidelines are updated annually in January.

Families with a Housing Choice Voucher who are looking to move to Mamaroneck and Larchmont should note that three and four bedroom units are difficult to find, and they typically require that the tenant pay all of the utilities, including heat, hot water, gas, and electricity. This can add at least $200 or more each month to the cost of the unit, which you should subtract from the Payment Standard when looking for housing. HUD no longer allows a utility allowance based on the unit size; all utility allowances are based on your Voucher size. You cannot pay more than 40% of your income toward the rent.