Our Team

The Love Your Food Team 

We are a tri-municipal group of residents, along with the Town of Mamaroneck and Villages of Larchmont and Mamaroneck, who pursued this grant and are volunteering our time because we believe that reducing wasted food can help slow down climate change, conserve natural resources and promote food security. We also believe it’s more fun doing it together than alone. We’re glad you’re here! 

Jaine Elkind Eney HeadshotJaine Elkind Eney

Jaine Elkind Eney is the Mamaroneck Town Supervisor. She knows that food brought to the office is always shared and never wasted!

lorrainewalsh_LYFLorraine Walsh

Lorraine Walsh is the Larchmont Village Mayor. She shops frequently for small quantities of fresh food to reduce the amount of food she wastes. You’ll see her every Saturday at the Larchmont Farmers Market!

22089957_732367326951107_2442581174728675711_nTom Murphy

Tom Murphy is the Mayor of the Village of Mamaroneck. He knows that folks who live alone often buy more food than they need, so he doesn’t shop while hungry and eats his leftovers.

image001Robert Shaps

Robert Shaps is the superintendent of the Mamaroneck School District including Larchmont and Mamaroneck schools. Dr. Shaps supports the district’s food sharing initiative in which excess food from our school cafeterias is collected and distributed to area residents with not enough food to eat. He is also a long time champion of composting food scraps.

ElisabethRadowElisabeth (Beth) Radow

Elisabeth (Beth) Radow is a real estate lawyer and professor of sustainability who helped secure the grant for this effort. She will develop programming, bring you updates on this site, and field your questions about this campaign. Beth remembers to take her own containers to restaurants to bring her leftovers home.

ElanaMassElana Mass

Elana Mass is an urban planner and writer who did the heavy lifting to prepare the grant application, and she will keep us on track with the DEC. Elana avoids the land of lost leftovers in the back of the fridge by storing leftovers front and center in clear glass containers.

KarenKohrKaren Khor

Karen Khor helped secure this grant by facilitating the collaboration of the tri-municipal community with the Mamaroneck Union Free School District. She also spearheaded food scrap recycling in our Town and helps coordinate efforts with the school district. Karen packs lunch for her daughter that matches her preference so no food gets wasted.

Arlene_headshotArlene Novich

Arlene Novich is a high school equivalency teacher who also co-coordinates our farmers market community outreach on Saturdays. She turned a Mother’s Day gift of potted lettuce into a garden “crop” that she harvests as needed, so none gets spoiled in the refrigerator bin. 

JuneWallachJune Wallach

June Wallach is an environmental communications specialist who worked for multinationals across industries including food and beverage and brings her expertise to the Town’s Sustainability Collaborative. June's container gardens provide vegetables and herbs that she shares so nothing goes to waste. 

DenaSchumacherDena Schumacher

Dena Schumacher is the Assistant Executive Director at LMC Media involved with producing public service announcements and other videos for Love Your Food. Dena uses compost in her garden to grow herbs and vegetables and reuses food scraps for soups.

Drew_TamarTamar Hurwitz-Fleming & Drew Fleming

Tamar Hurwitz-Fleming & Drew Fleming, the principals of Fleur Creative Strategy & Communications, are the communications specialists who helped our community create this Love Your Food campaign. They feed their two tiny dogs just the right amount of dog food so that their dogs don’t waste food either. 

It Takes a Village 

(or Two…

And a Town!) 

We’re All in This Together. 

Grateful thanks also go to Malcolm Frouman, president of the Larchmont Mamaroneck Hunger Task Force, School Superintendent Robert Shaps, Assistant Superintendent Annie Ward, Deputy Town Administrator Connie Green O'Donnell, Town Sustainability Coordinator Sue Odierna, and Assistant to the Town Administrator Lindsey Luft, and our district and school staff, students, school parents, principals, teachers, food service staff, and custodians.

We also thank the following tri-municipal community organizations, businesses, and individuals who are taking the lead to help reduce our wasted food.